Volume 9:1         Published: April 14, 2017

Knowledge of the Physical Therapy Profession: A Survey of Outpatient Orthopedic Patients in Southeastern Michigan; Andrew J. Bacyinski, SPT; Klajdi Sina, SPT; Patricia Wren, Ph.D., M.P.H.

The Effect of Static Versus Dynamic Stretching on Average Power in the Young Adult Athletic Population; Danielle T. Freund, SPT; Allison M. Liccardo, SPT; Alanna M. Rooney, SPT; Ayse Ozcan Edeer, PhD, PT; Valerie Dong Olson, PhD, PT

Effectiveness of Conservative Physical Therapy on a 49-year-old Male with Split Tear of Peroneus Brevis in the Outpatient Setting: A Case Report; Meredith S. Heneghan, SPT

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Volume 8:5       Published: January 11, 2016

The Immediate Effects of Two Different Stretching Interventions on Passive Shoulder Internal Rotation in Collegiate Baseball Players; Alexander Brown, SPT; Victor Alfieri, SPT; David Fazulak, SPT; Ayse Ozcan Edeer, PT, PhD; Valerie D Olson, PT, PhD  

Reliability of Real Time Motion Analysis System VirtuBalance® as Compared to Traditional Measurement Methods of Functional Reach and Postural Sway; Kyle Dodge, SPT; 1LT Ryan Lynch, SPT; Steven R Tippett, PhD, PT, SCS  

Treating the Psychosocial Implications of Parkinson’s Disease Within Physical Therapy: A Case Report; Audrey Hentges, SPT, ATC, LAT



Volume 8:4        Published: January 11, 2016                  

Novice Versus Experienced Rater Reliability of the Mini Balance Evaluation Systems Test (Mini-BESTest) in Patients with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI); Charity E Maqueda, PT, DPT, ATC, LAT; Rupal Patel, PT, MS

Effect of Hip Rotation Stretch on the Piriformis Muscle: A Pilot Study; Anne Waldner, SPT; Justin Monsrud, SPT; Matthew Franklin, SPT; Daniel Bernath, SPT; F Richard Clemente, PhD, PT; Philip A Fabrizio, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS  

 Follow-up Attendance Among USF BRIDGE Physical Therapy Patients; Jillian Donohue, SPT, Arántzazu Gárate, SPT, Rose Pignataro, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, Rebecca Edgeworth, PT, DPT, OCS



Volume 8:3       Published: September 23, 2015

The Association Between Critical Thinking and Scholastic Aptitude on First-time Pass Rate of the National Physical Therapy Examination; Daniel W. Suckow, SPT; C. Jayne Brahler, PhD; Betsy Donahoe-Fillmore, PT, PhD, PCS; Mary Insana Fisher, PT, PhD, OCS; Philip A. Anloague, PT, DHSc, OSC, MTC 

Can You Save Yourself Time in the Clinic? A Correlational Study of the Modified Falls Efficacy Scale and the Berg Balance Scale in Community Dwelling Older Adults; Shelly Hampton, SPT; Briana Kaiser, SPT; Stefanie Morland, SPT; Maria Pitz, SPT; Jennifer Mai, PT, DPT, PhD, MHS, NCS 

A First-Year DPT Student’s Perspectives on a Cadaver with Scoliosis; Caitlin D. Deems, SPT, ATC; Philip A. Fabrizio, PT, DPT, MS






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