Volume 5:33       Published: 2012

Increasing Home Exercise Program Adherence for Physical Therapy Clients with Balance and Dizziness Problems in Cheyenne, WY; Emma Stayduhar, SDPT

The Impact of Physical Therapy on Pain and Disability Associated with Knee Osteoarthritis A Critical Review on Literature; Carla Sy Enriquez, PT, DPT, OCS, DAAPM Edilberto A. Raynes, MD, PhD – Candidate



Volume 5:22           Published: 2012  

The Use of Virtual Reality to Improve Gait Function in Stroke Patients; Andrea Cortese, SPT; Katie Horr, SPT; Erin Krautle, SPT; Jacquelyn Liebig, SPT; Neal Scibelli, SPT; Martha Sliwinski, MS, PT, PhD 

Development of the Screen for Limitations in Mobility (SLIM): A Self-Report Tool for Surgical Oncology Patients; R Spencer, T Fee, E Hall, A Rogers, M Sluzar, D Law, E Weitzner, V Wheeler, NM Salbach, N Cooper 

A Therabandâ„¢ Simulation of the Penguin Flight Suit on Stability Measures in Healthy Older Adults; Simon K. Ho, SPT, Stephen P. Lahr, PT, PhD, and Terri Hoppenrath, PT, MS, DPT, GCS 

Measures of Cardiovascular Health and Physical Function improve after an Aerobic Exercise Intervention in a Patient Fifteen Days Post-Stroke; Angela A. Lentz, DPT; Anna E. Mattlage, MS; Abigail L. Ashenden, SPT; Michael A. Rippee, MD; Sandra A. Billinger, PT, PhD



Volume 5:1        Published: 2012                  

Comparative Review of Interactive Gaming versus Traditional Rehabilitation Methods in Balance Training Post Stroke; Ashley Bailey, BS, SPT, Kathryn Jordan, BS, SPT, Astin Laferriere, BS, SPT, Terah Turner, BS, SPT, and Deborah Edmondson, PT, Ed.D 

Passive Stretching and its Effect on Spasticity and Range of Motion in Children with Cerebral Palsy; Mallory Groppe, Doctor of Physical Therapy Intern, Katrin Mattern-Baxter, PT, DPT, PCS, Todd E. Davenport, PT, DPT, OCS 

Acetabular Labral Tear: a case study of clinical diagnosis in an active female college student; Erica R. Michaud, DPT/s­, Mary J. Hickey, PT, DPT, MHP, OCS



Volume 4:2       Published: 2011

Impact of Stress Management Coaching for Graduate Students in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study; Amanda M. Zweir, SPT, Maureen Stevens, SPT, Mary Lou Galantino, PT, PhD, MSCE, Michael Frank, PhD. 

Investigating the Associations between Core Strength, Postural Control and Fine Motor Performance in Children; Rachel Burnett SPT, Nicole Cornett SPT, Gina Rekart SPT, Betsy Donahoe-Fillmore PT, PhD, PCS, C. Jayne Brahler PhD, Susan Aebker DHS 

Improving Confidence and Competence for First Year Physical Therapy Students through a Focused Blood Pressure Educational Program; Dustin Lahman, PT, DPT, Hadley Low, PT, DPT, Sonya Lee Irons, PT, DPT, CCS, Julie Ekstrum, PT, DPT, CCS 

Patterns of Lower Extremity Injury in USA Male Collegiate Rugby Club Players; Matthew Lee, PT, Jocelyn Beckett Bond, PT, Amanda Johnson Keatts, PT, Melissa Johnson, PT, Corrie A. Mancinelli, PT, PhD







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