Volume 4:1       Published: 2011

The Effects of an Independent Exercise Program on an Adolescent with Cerebral Palsy; Kathryn L. Chambers SPT, Jenny R. Kemp SPT, and Daryl Lawson PT, DSc. 

Public Perception of Physical Therapist Scope of Practice; Kacie Rognlie PT and Yvonne Searls PT, PhD 

Necrotizing Fasciitis and Physical Therapy Management; Andrea T. Konja, SPT



Volume 3:1           Published: 2010  

Examining Dance Therapy as an Adjunct Therapy for Selected Measures of Postural Stability, Gait, and Sensory Processing for Children with Mild to Moderate Cerebral Palsy;
Dana B McCarty, PT, DPT; Bruce McClenaghan, PED, PT; Erika Blanck DPT, ATC; Stacy Fritz, PhD, PT

Outcomes Following Treadmill Training with Partial Body Weight Support of an Individual with a Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple CVAs; Shannon Gray SPT; Danielle Poli SPT; Sara Schwartz SPT; Jessica Sommer SPT; Gabriele Moriello PT, PhD, MS, GCS 

Conservative Physical Therapy Management of an Adult with Cerebral Palsy and Severe Upper and Lower Extremity Contractures: A Case Report; Amanda Cope Hooper, SPT 

Using Tai Chi to Improve Balance and Mobility among Community-Dwelling Elders; Richard J Call, SPT; Frank Lai, SPT; Carol A. Maritz, PT, EdD, GCS 

A Case Study Examining The Recovery of Gait Using Treadmill Training Followed by Overground Ambulation in a Patient with a Middle Cerebral Artery Stroke;
Michelle Gorman DPT and Dr. A. Williams Andrews, PT, MS, EdD, NCS.



Volume 2:1        Published: 2010                  

The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality in Controlling Pain in Patients with Burns: A Systematic Review;  Stephanie Koenke, SPT 

Feasibility and Benefit of Using the Nintendo Wii Fit for Balance Rehabilitation in an Elderly Patient Experiencing Recurrent Falls; Tony Pigford, DPT A. Williams Andrews, PT, EdD, NCS 

Reliability and validity of the sit-to-stand navicular drop test:  Do static measures of  navicular height relate to the dynamic navicular motion during gait?; Juli Deng, PT, DPT Rita Joseph, PT, DPT Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD, OCS 

The Effects of a Combination of Live and Videotaped Exercise Sessions on Functional Mobility and Falls Prevention Among Community-Dwelling Elders; Anuja H. Gandhi, SPT Richard Cipoletti, SPT Carol A. Maritz, PT, EdD, GCS



Volume 1:1       Published: 2009

Application of a Clinical Prediction Rule for Thoracic Spine Thrust Manipulation on a Patient with Acute Neck Pain Following a Motor Vehicle Accident; Craig Swisher PT, DPT

Use of the NeuroCom Balance Masterâ„¢ Training Protocols to Improve Functional Performance in a Person with Multiple Sclerosis; Jordan Larsen-Merrill SPT; Rolando Larzaro PT, DPT, GCS

Physical Therapists' Experiences with Patients with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury; Esther Smith SPT; Maria Newton Ph.D






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